Jeff Dubay, Sean Barnard waging social media war on each other

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Barnard (left): "Everyone told me to defend myself, so I am. Jeff went back on social today and blasted me. Enough is enough."
After his podcast was abruptly dropped by the Tom Barnard Network last week, Jeff Dubay took to Facebook and broadsided Sean Barnard, Tom's nephew and GM of the network, calling him "a genuinely bad person with no sense of ethics or professionalism whatsoever who let's his alcoholism dictate how he conducts business."

Here's the Facebook rant Jeff Dubay deleted after he was abruptly fired by Tom Barnard

Dubay then went off the social media grid for a few days by deleting both his Twitter and Facebook. But yesterday, he reactivated his Facebook long enough yesterday to take new shots at Barnard.

Here's what Dubay posted:


That prompted Barnard to go on the offensive: Dubay, for what it's worth, confirmed that he is in fact broke:


But Barnard didn't leave it at that.

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