Kevin Love's spoof of LeBron's dunk video is incredible

K-Love has been so hot during the T-Wolves' western road trip.
During a recent road trip to Phoenix, the Miami Heat took a break from practice so Dwyane Wade could film LeBron James throwing down this sick dunk:

They say white men can't jump, but during the Timberwolves pit stop in Phoenix last week, Kevin Love dispelled that theory with this sick spoof of LeBron's (video by Ronny Turiaf on rookie Gorgui Dieng's phone):

That isn't the only thing Kevin Love has done well during the T-Wolves' current roadtrip. Love, a near lock to be named the Western Conference Player of the Month for February, has been an all-around beast while leading the Wolves to three wins in four games during their season-saving western swing, which wraps up tonight with another big game in Denver.

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mingtran topcommenter

Dude....ESPN covered this at least six days ago. You weren't even hurting for stories today

ajlalk3 topcommenter

@digitalprotocol  Yep, because the Lakers have all those awesome young players who will convince Love to sign with them.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

@theNZA Wes is playing better in LA... unless the wolves offer a trade, love will just walk on over

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