Mankato police make arrests in connection with two synthetic drug-related deaths

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Mankato Department of Public Safety
These packages were found at the scene of two recent apparent overdoses in Mankato.
-- Updated with suspect mugshots at bottom --

On March 5, 22-year-old Mankato resident Louis Folson-Hart suddenly fell ill and was rushed to the hospital, where he was declared dead. Just three days later and a short distance away, 17-year-old Chloe Moses was taken to the hospital while having a seizure. She also later passed away.

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At each residence, officers recovered a blue baggie adorned with crowns. The Mankato Public Safety Center later sent out a release that said, "Investigators believe that these baggies may have contained a substance in a pill or powder form, possibly synthetic LSD or synthetic cocaine, commonly called '2-C.'"

"There is concern that there may be more of this potentially deadly substance out there, and ask that anyone with knowledge of this substance contact the Mankato Department of Public Safety immediately by calling 911," the release says, going on to ask anyone with the substance or that packaging to "immediately contact police at 911 as they would like to speak with you, you could save a life."

Today, Mankato officials announced that four arrests have been made in connection with the two apparent overdoses.

The suspects are 21-year-old Tyler Caputo, 30-year-old James Inman, 19-year-old Skylar Reichel-Schneider, and a 15-year-old juvenile male. All four are Mankato residents.

The Mankato Department of Public Safety says the four "are being charged with various controlled substance violations," though at this point it isn't clear what specific charges they face.

We left a voicemail with the Mankato PD seeking more information and will update this post when we hear back.

:::: UPDATE ::::

Here, from left to right, are the mugshots of Caputo, Inman, and Reichel-Schneider:

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Cody Combs
Cody Combs

well WTF dose the drug look like! they can easy put it in difrent bags.

Marc Petersen
Marc Petersen

Natural and organic coke is much better choice.

Derek Protuck
Derek Protuck

Then put it in a different bags so u won't overdose.

swmnguy topcommenter

Preferably locally-grown and processed by a vegan artisan collective with fantastic beards and ironic taste in beer.


HA! I was actually thinking something similar to that myself -- isn't all LSD technically synthetic? I guess we're once again expecting too much from the police to actually know what they're talking about when it comes to drugs.


@digitalprotocol  Oh, good ... so they are hicks. Thank you for taking the time to confirm that these people are hicks. I was concerned that they might not have been ('cause non-hicks never put themselves in situations like this), but your confirmation has put me at ease.

I love you.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

@Gary  you guys think coke is natural and organic?


digitalprotocol topcommenter

@BoomYummy no prob, ive got a keen eye for hicks. took me only a second to identify them as hicks. 

thanks to your comment, we have definitive identification 


@digitalprotocol @BoomYummy  You are so smart. Please be my wife. My soybean farm will provide you with years of happiness.

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