Marion Guerrido won't face felony charges for fatal pond crash

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Guerrido (left) had five kids in her car at the time; five-year-old Zenavia (center) and seven-year-old Alarious (right) died.
Hennepin County officials have announced Marion Guerrido won't face felony charges in connection with a November 21 crash that left the vehicle she was driving submerged in a St. Louis Park retention pond and resulted in the death of two young children.

Guerrido didn't have a driver's license at the time, but a statement from the Hennepin County Attorney's Office says, "The accident reconstruction, tests and interviews with Guerrido indicate she was not speeding, did not have drugs or alcohol in her system and had not been on her cell phone."

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"Instead, she seems to have overcorrected and spun out and left the road," the statement continues.

"This is a horrible, horrible tragedy and there is nothing the criminal justice system can or should do about it," Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman says.

Chuck Laszewski, media coordinator for Freeman's office, told us it's up to St. Louis Park authorities to decide whether Guerrido will face charges for driving without a license.

"We only deal with the felony side of things," Laszewski says, adding that Guerrido merely had a learner's permit at the time of the crash.

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