Matt Cooke was not the cause of reporter's facial wound [UPDATE]

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Mike Greenlay / Twitter
Matt Cooke found himself in a universally enviable position last week -- whacking a reporter in the face. Only it wasn't intentional. Seriously.

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Watch in the GIF below as the Rangers' Mats Zuccarello checks the Wild forward. Cooke's stick rockets into the left cheek of Fox Sports North reporter and former NHL goalie Mike Greenlay, who normally has the best seat in the house, smashed between team benches.

Apparently Cooke uttered a couple words before skating back into play, the meaning of which was lost in the noise.

"I don't know whether he was apologizing toward me, or whether he was actually telling me to suck it up," Greenlay says.

The agitator has thrown his fair share of missiles. But it seems people are finally willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. There's been no word of a fine from the NHL.

Greenlay was also a good sport about it. With dried blood his shirt, he took to Twitter to send a selfie and share this email from his mother:

::: UPDATE :::

The Wild got in touch this morning to say the black hockey stick that hit Greenlay in the face belonged to Zuccarello, not Cooke, as the announcers originally reported. Game footage taken from other angles bear this out.

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Justin Koch
Justin Koch

If you watch the video, it wasn't Matt Cooke who hit him with the stick. Cooke's stick is white, and it was clearly (in the video) the black stick (Zuccarello's) that smashed him in the face.

Dan Wagner
Dan Wagner

lol Get him a helmet with a half shield

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