Minnesota Daily runs photo of students snorting Molly in dorms

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All photos courtesy of the Minnesota Daily and taken by photographer Lisa Persson
Perhaps the most shocking thing about this photo isn't that this college student is preparing to snort Molly, but rather that she has a $100 bill in her possession.
The Minnesota Daily recently ran a slideshow featuring photos of $100-dollar-bill-rolling students snoring Molly, grinding pot, and pouring shots, among other mood-altering shenanigans.

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No, they didn't dispatch a photog to a rave. In fact, it was just another Friday night in the dorms.

The photos accompanied a piece about campus crime, with particular attention paid to druggin' and boozin'.

They raised a few eyebrows and drove a lot of traffic, but the editor of the Daily, Anthony Wagner, said there's nothing unprecedented about them.

"This wasn't the first time the Daily has ever used photo consent forms," Wagner told us. "There's really nothing controversial here other than students doing drugs, and as some commenters have pointed out, that's not unheard of."

Wagner said he and other Daily staffers engaged in "tons of discussion" before deciding to shoot and publish the photos.

"It's a very data-driven story and we knew we needed people in it," he said. "We had a lot of people in the piece talking about policies and students talking about how they feel in the dorms, but as the student newspaper we think we can do more than that, and we have the means and knowledge to really show these issues in a way that other news organizations maybe couldn't."

Wagner credited the work photographer Lisa Persson did in working with with unidentified students in her shots.

"Shooting photos is pretty tricky in those situations, so we really took great pains to make sure everything was kept above board on our end," he said. "In this instance these were sources our photographer had already spoken to, and they said, 'These are our plans for Friday, you can come by and watch.' So they went over and it was agreed upon ahead of time before any partying began."

The students featured in the photos were also contacted after they came down from their respective and various highs to make sure they were still all right with the Daily publishing the photos, and consent agreements were put in writing, Wagner said.

Asked whether he'd heard anything from cops curious about where exactly the sort of drug use depicted in the Daily's photos is going down on campus, Wanger said he "hasn't heard a thing."

To see a couple more of Perrson's photos, click to page two.

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