MNGOP Sen. Chamberlain on Mark Dayton's "Plain Language" order: "Words fail"

Chamberlain (left) on Dayton's language directive: "It's not bold, it's not leadership, and it's not new."
As part of his legislative agenda for this year's "Unsession," Gov. Mark Dayton today issued an executive order requiring "the Office of the Governor and all Executive Branch agencies to communicate with Minnesotans using Plain Language."

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What's "Plain Language," you ask? Dayton tried to clarify the distinction in this fact sheet:

Plain Language Fact Sheet

And here, via another document distributed by the Dayton administration, are some handy-dandy examples:

Plain Language Examples

That might seem all well and good, albeit a bit bizarre, but reached for comment this afternoon, Sen. Roger Chamberlain, R-Lino Lakes, had this reaction to Dayton's executive order: "Words fail."

"First, I'm thinking, is this the critical issue of the day?" Chamberlain said. "The people who work in state government, getting them to use 'Plain Language,' is that the bold idea we've been looking for?"

"I kind of put it in the basket with the 'Unsession' itself," he continued. "I talk to staff and they say it's ridiculous because it's just the same thing we do every year, scrub bills of obsolete language we don't use anymore, but that's what the Unsession is and it's PR spin and nothing new."

Chamberlain also questioned how Dayton's executive order could possibly be enforced.

"Are we going to have a whole regulatory structure for 'Plain Language'?" he said. "Sometimes the rules are complicated, and communicating them is hard."

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