Phyllis Kahn downplays Rybak endorsing her DFL opponent, takes a couple shots at R.T.

R.T. Rybak recently gave his endorsement to Mohamud Noor, the Democrat running to oust fellow Democrat and longtime Minneapolis state representative Phyllis Kahn from office.

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Rybak and Kahn have had their differences over the years. Still, the longtime DFL mayor of Minneapolis endorsing the opponent of a fellow DFLer who has represented Minneapolis for more than 40 years raised some eyebrows. But reached for comment today, Kahn downplayed the significance of Rybak's endorsement.

"I'll pitch my set of endorsements against [Noor's] any day, starting with Congressman Keith Ellison, Governor Mark Dayton, Abdi Warsame, former [Hennepin] County Attorney Tom Johnson, Peter McLaughlin, and go on to multiple unions," Kahn says. "R.T. is [Noor's] only major endorsement."

As for Rybak's motivations, Kahn says, "It just shows me that R.T. is really capable of carrying a personal grudge way beyond what might be in the best interests of the state, city, and the cause he's working for." (Kahn was referring to Rybak's job as executive director of the education nonprofit Generation Next.)

"I'm a legislator serving on the Way and Means Committee, which has no freshman legislators," Kahn says. "It's a real mistake to try and get rid of that type of influence in the state legislature."

Kahn also questioned Rybak's involvement in Cedar-Riverside DFL caucus held last month.

"I'm a little bothered that R.T. was chosen as one of the allegedly neutral people to preside over that convention," she says. "I guess he hadn't announced his endorsement yet, but I can't believe he hadn't already made up his mind. When he lists his reasons [for endorsing Noor], that's kind of a basic dishonesty."

On the topic of why he endorsed Noor, Rybak, in a statement, says, "I am supporting Mohamud Noor because I have come to know him as someone with a fresh perspective and inclusive vision who will build strong partnerships at the State Capitol and in our neighborhoods."

"I have come to know Mohamud Noor as someone with a quality all too rare in politics -- he is a very good listener," Rybak continues. "That is especially important in a district that spans so many diverse communities."

"Mohamud Noor is our best choice for bringing all our voices together -- in debates at the Capitol and in the community -- and getting us working together for the common good," he says.

But though she only won the support of 36 percent of delegates at the aforementioned March convention, Kahn said she intends to win her party's endorsement when it's decided on April 5.

"I'm certainly hoping that people will see the points I've been making and I will get the endorsement," she says.

And if she doesn't?

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Pot calling a Kettle Black!

Chris Peden
Chris Peden

Bitch needs some Crest White strips?


Ever since the whole DeLaSalle Football field debacle ive been waiting for anyone to come and get rid of this witch.

midwestexplorer81 topcommenter

She helped transform her district into what it is today, which is a district best represented by a Muslim because that is who lives there.  I've watched Kahn in the legislature a few times on public television so I know the state is definitely better without her as representative. Kahn is an old kook who has been milking the government teet for decades and has helped others to do so, so it's time for her to go. Don't let the door hit you on the way out old ding bat.

At least her replacement won't know the ins and outs of ripping off the producers of the state quite yet.

Bob Taugner
Bob Taugner

Between her and Bachmann, why does Minnesota have the stranglehold on nutjob politicians?

ron.fresquez topcommenter

@kurt124  Wow! You are an incredibly ignorant racist. However, most racists  like you are incredibly ignorent. 

ron.fresquez topcommenter

@midwestexplorer81  Producers. Too funny. Turn off Rusbo and Fox News. Try thinking for yourself instead of letting brain dead Regressives like Bachmann do your thinking for you. Producers....what a fool. 

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