Surprise reunion of soldier and his wife at Wild game will make you cry happy tears [VIDEO]

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The Minnesota Wild helped make Jamie Jenn's birthday very special.

Jenn thought she was taking part in a run of the mill intermission contest last night when, out of nowhere, the scoreboard's video feed was interrupted by her husband, Crystal native Specialist Nick Jenn, who's currently on leave from his third tour of duty in Kuwait.

Turns out Nick wasn't just there in spirit. Here's the video:

Great stuff.

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Thanks to all for their service and sacrifices.

Now can somebody explain why it's necessary to turn these homecomings into surprise spectacles for the benefit of the media?

How about reporting news instead?

Melissa LeVasseur Lueth
Melissa LeVasseur Lueth

I went to school with both Jamie who was surprised and Janice Jensen her identical twin sister. This was so sweet.

Jaq Lindau
Jaq Lindau

This was awesome. Good looking out by the people who helped set this up. #Reunion

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