The five creepiest allegations facing alleged St. Paul perv janitor Walter Happel

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Walter Happel
:::: UPDATE :::: St. Paul perv janitor Walter Happel allegedly got away with sexually abusing kids for 30 years

Walter Happel, a Newport resident and longtime janitor who most recently worked at the Linwood Monroe Arts Plus School in St. Paul, faces a felony count of interference with privacy for allegedly sticking his perverted head under a bathroom stall while a 12-year-old student was in there on February 19.

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But as investigators looked into that incident, a number of additional allegations of sexually inappropriate conduct involving Happel, boys, and bathrooms came to light. Below the jump we run down the five creepiest incidents contained in the criminal complaint.

5. This is the incident that cost Happel his job and could land him behind bars for up to two years (KP-L is the student):


4. Happel allegedly had steroids and other bizarre substances in a secret room only discovered after he was placed on administrative leave:


3. Turns out the bathroom incident wasn't an isolated one -- not by a long shot:


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