Twins announce "Sid Hartman Day" just in time for his birthday

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On May 18, the Twins will honor Minnesota's most iconic sports journalist with bobbleheads, commemorative coffee mugs, and a pregame ceremony.

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"Sid Hartman Day" was announced by the organization this morning, just one day shy of Sid's 94th birthday.

To be honest, we think it'd be cooler if the Twins gave away Sid Hartman commemorative tape recorders (check out a photo of what we're talking about here), but we suppose in that case they'd have to charge a lot more than $34 for tickets.

If you're interested in owning one of the 1,000 "exclusive limited-edition" Sid bobbleheads, you can buy tickets here.

And happy birthday, Sid. Here's to many more.

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midwestexplorer81 topcommenter

Ugh, listening to Sid on 'CCO is becoming painful. His guest spot during his sons state fair live show was especially painful. You could tell that Chad Hartman was even pained by having his father as a guest during the fair. No offense meant Sid but it's time to retire. You had an awesome run but you need to know when to relax and let the next generation take over.

Brent Benjamin Bunn
Brent Benjamin Bunn

If he cared about local women sports I'd care about him. (Didn't give the Minnesota Lynx much love when they won 2/3 championships).

ajlalk3 topcommenter

He's 94 years old. He probably thinks women only belong in the kitchen.

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