Witness: West 7th revelers were told gunman was on loose after shooting at Tom Reid's

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Patrick Juetten has been charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting.
After taking in some of the high school hockey tournament at the Xcel on Friday night, St. Paul resident Dan Reuter and his brother decided to go the Burger Moe's off West Seventh Street.

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But while walking there at about 11:30 p.m., roughly half a dozen squad cars pulled up in front of Tom Reid's, blocking the entire street, while a crowd walked briskly toward them, apparently headed back toward the Xcel.

"Someone said, 'Someone got shot! Someone got shot!'" Reuter told us.

Trying to get off the street, Reuter and his brother headed to Tom Reid's entrance, but they weren't allowed inside the bar.

"We were told we couldn't gain access to building because the shooter was on the loose in the West Seventh area and they weren't letting anybody inside," Reuter said. The employee told them "we should go home immediately because it was not safe out on the street."

But the Reuter brothers instead ended up at Patrick McGovern's, where Dan said "anybody could walk in and nobody [at the door] was checking anything."

"They had a somewhat flippant attitude," Reuter said. "We even said when we walked in, 'Well, if the shooter is really loose he could be in here walking around.'"

The shooter was indeed on the loose, but he wasn't at McGovern's. According to charges filed yesterday, the alleged gunman, 30-year-old Woodbury resident Patrick Juetten, took off from Tom Reid's after shooting a childhood acquaintance at nearly point blank range under a tent on the patio.

When police arrived on the scene, they found the victim in the bar, "on his back on the ground with a gunshot wound to his chest," the criminal complaint says.

"He was conscious and able to tell officers that the shooter was an acquaintance... identified as [Juetten]," it continues.

The victim was shot once in the chest. He was taken to Regions Hospital, where doctors discovered that the bullet "entered his chest at close range, pierced a lung, broke a rib, and eventually entered his liver, doing extensive damage to the liver."

Police interviewed the victim at the hospital. He said he has known Juetten for most of his life -- they went to high school and played hockey together -- but he was surprised to get a call from him recently. They agreed to meet at Tom Reid's.

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