Wolves Podcast: The Wes Effect [AUDIO]

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We discuss this underappreciated truth: the Wes Johnson trade was one of the worst moves of the David Kahn era.
In this episode of the Wolves Podcast, yours truly and fellow Timberwolves diehard William Davis look at how draft bust Wes Johnson continues to negatively impact the organization two years after his departure.

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It's not Wes's fault, of course, but after he washed out with the Timberwolves, David Kahn had to include a first round pick in a trade just to move Johnson's contract to Phoenix. As a result, Phoenix will get the Timberwolves' first round pick if the Pups make an unlikely surge into the playoffs.

But a surge of that sort is looks increasingly unlikely in the wake of the Wolves' disappointing Wednesday night home loss to the New York Knicks -- a game Will and I also spend some time breaking down.

Finally, this week's pod includes an interview with Nick Frantzen, producer of FSN's Wolves Weekly and a longtime Timberwolves video employee.

Without further ado, here's the audio:

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I believe the draft pick situation is actually the opposite -- if the Wolves land as one of the 13 worst teams, they keep the pick (the only way they lose it is if they are the last team "out" of the playoffs or if they make the playoffs.) Would be the only silver lining to not making the playoffs this year if they kept their pick.

jason.dorweiler topcommenter

Disappointing yes, but the Knicks are a good team bad record or not. They played great ball that game. We are on the right track by getting above 500, we'll see what happens though.

atrupar moderator

@mark.rostad.waller  You're right. I explained it incorrectly in the blog post. I've corrected -- thanks for pointing that out. We have it right during the actual podcast, for what it's worth. Just a brain melt.

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