Dinkytown riot: Top 10 photos

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@BeccaBabble tells us she herself took this photo. An hour before posting it on Twitter, she wrote, "Actually getting out of bed to go to dinky because it's a riot."
:::: UPDATE :::: Dinkytown hockey riot part deux: Top photos

Last night's dramatic Gophers hockey triumph inspired students to riot in Dinkytown. Law and order was reestablished just after midnight when baton-wielding officers advanced on the mob of students and forced them to disperse.

But even for cops, there were moments of levity amid pepper spray and arrests. For instance, check out the photo at the top of this page.

That's not the only compelling riot picture circulating on social media today. Below the jump we bring you the 10 best we've seen.

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Bonus entries: Riot selfies! 10. 9. 8a. 8b. 8c. A more humorous perspective on that same scene: (For more, click to page two.)

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