Kevin McDonough, former vicar general, refused to cooperate with police investigations [VIDEO]

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In video testimony released Thursday by Jeff Anderson's law firm, the former vicar general of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis admitted that he made a habit of penning official memos with an eye towards possible litigation, and when approached last year by St. Paul police refused to cooperate.

As the lone referee of priestly sex crimes for two decades -- a tenure that spanned three archbishops -- Kevin McDonough now expresses regret for a culture that believed sick men could be rehabilitated back into ministry. He shifted responsibility to his bosses and accused victims' attorney Jeff Anderson and the media of exaggerating the problem of clerical abuse.

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The blame game was in full force: Archbishop John Nienstedt pointed a finger at McDonough in video testimony released just the other day. Mike Finnegan, an attorney from Anderson's law firm, described McDonough at a press conference Thursday as "a master of half truths" and leveled fault on both officials.

"They cared more about their own reputations and scandal rather than the people who were wounded," Finnegan says.

The firm plans to petition the court for more time with McDonough. A judge ordered the deposition to go eight hours but McDonough's attorney ended around it six and a half. Finnegan says the archdiocese counted their breaks towards the allotted time.

We posted highlights of Nienstedt's deposition the other day, but let's take a look now at McDonough's. On the firm's website you can also browse the 320-page transcript in which McDonough acknowledges that the common church practice for years was to put suspected pedophiles in administrative roles rather than boot 'em.

1. Here McDonough admits that he never got back to two St. Paul detectives about their request for interview. Anderson pushes back and provokes this response from the former vicar general: "I don't see what would be appropriate about that."

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