#LadyInPink Alyssa Nelson is the sexy star of the Wild's huge Game 6 win [VIDEO, PHOTOS]

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In the span of one Vine video, Nelson became everyone's favorite Wild fan.
Late in the second period of last night's do-or-die Game 6, the Wild needed a lift. The hometown team had already blown a two-goal lead and weren't dominating play like they had for much of the series. It felt like they were on the ropes.

Then, the #LadyInPink happened.

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Don't know what we're talking about? Well then, we have just the Vine for you!

Moments later, #LadyInPink became a trending topic on Twitter, with the woman in question being identified as Alyssa Nelson (@SnowflakeNelson):

Nelson, for her part, seemed to enjoy all the attention.

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