Minneapolis among best cities for recent college grads, study says

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Studies published both last year and in 2012 ranked the Twin Cities among the top 10 metros for college grads. A new study published by Livability.com indicates that remains the case this year, at least as far as Minneapolis is concerned.

The study ranks Minneapolis as the fifth-best city in the country for recent college grads.

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Livability's algorithm accounts for the number of 25- to 34-year-olds, unemployment rate, rental vacancy and costs, non-service jobs (though service sector workers do well here due to our lack of a minimum-wage exception for tipped workers), public transportation users, 25- to 34-year-olds with a bachelor's degree or higher, and bars and restaurants per capita.

You can read all about what the study has to say about Minneapolis in particular here.

Reached for comment this afternoon, Kate Brickman, spokesperson for Mayor Betsy Hodges, says, "It's great to see Minneapolis getting this recognition as a great place for college graduates."

"If we're going to grow the city, which is one of Mayor Hodges' top priorities, we need to attract young people," Brickman continues. "We know that when people come to Minneapolis, they fall in love; then they stay and build a life here. The key is getting people to come here."

Here's the entire top 10:

10. Mountain View
9. Naperville
8. Fargo
7. Ann Arbor
6. Hoboken
5. Minneapolis
4. Bethesda
3. Austin
2. Bellevue
1. Cambridge

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Ben Bakunin

Well snap, another good reason to move back

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Steve Woodward

Another good reason to go to school in minnesota Morgan Woodward

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Tim Stang

Whoever conducted this is drunk

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i call bullshit

there is no money left...companies and old fucks hoard and steal

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