MNGOP cries foul over DFL payments to credentialed Capitol reporter Shawn Towle

Hann (left) thinks that by not blowing the whistle on the DFL's payments to a Capitol reporter, Bakk (right) has "damage[d] the integrity of the Senate."
Shawn Towle is a credentialed Capitol reporter who posts stories occasionally at Some might call him left-leaning, but his personal politics isn't an issue -- after all, the openly conservative True North blog is also credentialed.

The problem is that according to MNGOP officials, Towle has received almost $40,000 from the DFL since 2012, including a payment of $1,000 in the DFL's most recent financial report.

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"Sen. Bakk has been secretly paying Shawn Towle for 'research' while allowing him to remain a credentialed member of the press corps," Senate Minority Leader David Hann, R-Eden Prairie, says in a statement. "How can the public trust what's going on at the Capitol if the reporters are being paid by the politicians?"

In a letter sent yesterday to Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk, D-Cook, Hann calls upon his DFL counterpart "to inform the Chief Sergeant at Arms of these payments so he can take the necessary steps to revoke the press credentials of Mr. Towle."

The letter alleges that the DFL's arrangement with Towle violates Senate Rule 16.1(a), which states:
Shawn Towle
The Sergeant at Arms may not issue credentials or day passes under this rule to political organizations. For the purposes of this rule, "political organization" means an organization owned or controlled by a registered lobbyist, a political party, or any party organization.
We first heard about the Towle situation a few weeks ago and got in touch with Senate Sergeant at Arms Sven Lindquist. He told us he had no idea Towle was being paid by the DFL until we told him about it.

"We credential for a biennium and for the most part we've never had reason to be concerned about credential information," Lindquist said, adding that longtime Capitol reporters like WCCO's Pat Kessler or Towle, who has been listed in the Capitol Press Corps Directory going at least as far back as 2006, typically are recredentialed without their applications facing strict scrutiny.

But Lindquist acknowledged that the DFL's payments to Towle are problematic.

"In the case of Towle, if he is working for one or both political parties -- and I would have no knowledge of that -- the rule does state that he should be responsible [and let us know about] any change in his reporting status," Lindquist said. "What I'm hearing now about this, it will have to be looked at further... we've never had to go down this path before."

Lindquist said the one significant thing a Capitol credential allows reporters to do is to "have access to the Senate chamber, and with God as my witness I've never had [Towle] attempt to gain access to the Senate floor, and he's been credentialed since perhaps '99 or 2000."

DFL Senate Caucus Communications Director Amos Briggs points out that Towle has "been credentialed under DFL and GOP majorities, although you will notice that the credentialing authority named in the rule is nonpartisan."

Towle, for his part, says he's been paid for his services over the years by both the DFL and MNGOP.

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Doug Mulville
Doug Mulville

If you actually read the article you will find that BOTH parties paid this guy. Yet more disgusting behavior by the DFL and GOP, not to mention a total lack of journalistic integrity by Shawn Towle. We are just so screwed.....

Eric Ramsey
Eric Ramsey

This is a news story. But if it was a republican doing it, it would be a all media scandal.

ron.fresquez topcommenter

Reading comprehension...................not so much. 

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Republicans do do it stupid.  Obviously you didn't read the article.  What would one expect from a dumb fat lump like you though huh?  

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