Target Field back on best ballparks list

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The ground may still be covered with snow, but baseball season is here, folks.
Eyebrows in Twins Territory were raised last year when our beloved and beautiful Target Field didn't crack TripAdvisor's list of the best ballparks in America.

But this year, the $545 million house that the Pohlads and Hennepin County built has been restored to its rightful place in the top 10.

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Here's the full list, which was determined by an aggregation of feedback from TripAdvisor users who visited the ballparks:

1. PNC Park in Pittsburgh
2. Camden Yards in Baltimore
3. AT&T Park in San Francisco
4. Fenway Park in Boston
5. Busch Stadium in St. Louis
6. Target Field
7. Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City
8. Wrigley Field in Chicago
9. Comerica Park in Detroit
10. Safeco Field in Seattle

Last year's list featured the same top 5, with the only difference being that AT&T Park and Oriole Park swapped spots. Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Petco Park in San Diego, and Rangers Ballpark in Arlington fell off the list this year.

And while our winter without end promises more snow tomorrow and Friday, the Twins' president is looking forward to what should be a relatively pleasant home opener next Monday: -- Follow Aaron Rupar on Twitter at @atrupar. Got a tip? Drop him a line at

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midwestexplorer81 topcommenter

Been to Target Field twice and it sucks even worse than the twins. I'm a fit guy about average size and I can barely fit in the seats. Don't go to the stadium unless you like cuddling with strangers and paying 9 dollars for nachos and 7 dollars or more for beer. Vote NO for all future pro sports subsidies!

Eric Christenson
Eric Christenson

How Minnesotans are so hypnotized by the Twins, who aren't even mediocre, is beyond me. Nice ballpark, but the owners take advantage of fans who will settle for a poor product on the field simply because "it's our Twins". Let's talk more about the Wild making the playoffs.


When Target Field is on a list and the Rangers' ballpark in Arlington – whatever it is called – ain't on the list, the list is irrelevant. The only thing that Target Field has going for it that Rangers' ballpark doesn't is a downtown location. The Arlington park is like the old Met Stadium, surrounded by parking and another sports facility, but little else. #TweetsAreYours

Jake Wood
Jake Wood

best ball park + worst team = Total. Waste. the ppl arguing against the viqueens stadium right now should have came out of there lil caves when the twins field was getting built... but that's a whole other matter altogether (the pussyness of twins fans vs the commen sense of Vikings fans)

Rob Peterson
Rob Peterson

Now all we need is a good team to call it home

ajlalk3 topcommenter

@digitaldeath  Baseball fields are supposed to feel small. I guess you would rather sit so far away from the field, you can't even tell who is playing?

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