TC Biz Mag editor Adam Platt takes heat for hypocritically ripping bloggers' Twitter habits

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Platt: Do as I say, not as I tweet.
In a column entitled "City Centered: Tweetle Dumb," Adam Platt, executive editor of the Twin Cities Business Magazine, unloads on local journalists "whose Twitter presence deviates wildly from their work."

"To me, Twitter is not a place to see what people are doing, eating, or thinking, but a source of information and links to longer-form content," Platt writes. "But the more time I log on Twitter, the more I grow weary of many of the folks I follow, which unnerves me, because I consider most to be friends or respected colleagues."

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Friends or not, Platt doesn't hesitate to name names, and at the top of his list is MPR's Bob Collins. (Also singled out are baseball blogger/Uptown lifestyle tweeter Aaron Gleeman and sports writer/likable curmudgeon Patrick Reusse.)

After offering a couple words of praise for Collins's NewsCut blog, Platt blasts his Twitter behavior.

He "berates people who complain about the weather, whines daily about the Cleveland Indians, and publishes photos of himself and family members in social settings," Platt writes.

"Collins also routinely insults those who 'unfollow' him. I like the Bob at The Bob on Twitter does his 'brand' no benefit."

After Platt's column was published, but apparently before Collins noticed it, Platt unfollowed him, cryptically alluding to his annoyance with Collins's Cleveland Indians tweets. The unfollow didn't go unnoticed. But after he read Platt's piece, Collins noted how hypocritical his criticism is by retweeting Platt tweets that seem to violate his own no-fun-on-Twitter rule: Collins also took some direct shots at Platt. Click to page two to read them:

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