Twins Territory stretches into Wisconsin, according to baseball fandom map

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Twins Territory actually extends into parts of six states -- Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, the Dakotas, and Montana.
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Using data from Facebook, the New York Times put together an awesome map that allows you to look at which Major League Baseball team is the most popular in each ZIP code.

Turns out Twins Territory isn't just limited to Minnesota. Check out how the Twins are the peoples' choice in a swath of western Wisconsin as well:
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The New York Times

Twins Territory also extends further west than you might think, well into the Dakotas and even part of eastern Montana:

The New York Times

Check out the interactive map for yourself here.

We emailed a Twins spokesperson and asked if they're surprised by the size of Twins Territory, but they haven't gotten back to us yet as this is published (See update below). Nonetheless, it's kinda cool to see our hometown ballclub is the Upper Midwest's favorite team as well.

:::: UPDATE ::::

Reached on the phone this afternoon, Kevin Smith, Twins senior director of corporate communications, tells us the organization is "very blessed in that we're a regional team."

"There are some teams that are just city teams or smaller regional teams, but because we have so much territory we're blessed to have fans throughout it," he says.

Smith adds that he wasn't surprised to see Twins Territory extending well into Wisconsin on the New York Times map given Target Field's relatively close proximity to the state border and the fact many Twins fans from Minnesota have cabins in Wisconsin or spend lots of time there for other reasons.

Another factor contributing to the Twins' broad geographical appeal is that the team's games are broadcast on radio and cable TV well into the central and western part of the Dakotas.

"Our ticket purchasers pretty much overlay the TV and radio coverage area," Smith says. "We definitely hear from them on bad weather days when they call before the game and ask if we're going to play."

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