Victor Barnard sex cult charges: Most bizarre allegations

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Screengrab via Fox 9
An undated photo of Barnard with his "Maidens."
On April 11, Victor Barnard, leader of a Christian religious sect called the River Road Fellowship, was charged with 59 felony counts of criminal sexual conduct in Pine County for allegedly forcing two young girls to regularly have sex with him between 2000 and 2009.

The lengthy criminal complaint makes for horrifyingly fascinating reading. It lays out how Barnard, who is currently the subject of a nationwide manhunt, separated the girls from their families, used religion to persuade them to enter sexual relationships with him, and then manipulated them into staying at "Shepherd's Camp" in Finlayson, Minnesota, even after they expressed a desire to leave.

We highlight the most bizarre allegations from the complaint below the jump.

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5. Barnard called the his select group of virgins "Maidens." Some of them weren't yet teenagers when they moved into Shepherd's Camp (all quotations taken directly from criminal complaint):
"The leader and minister of the River Road Fellowship was Victor Arden Barnard, DOB 9-14-1961. In July 2000, Barnard set up a group of young females at Shepherd's Camp that were referred to as Alamoth or the Maidens Group ["Alamoth" is a word for virgin in the Bible]. B was invited by Barnard to join Alamoth and live at Shepherd's Camp. She and her father thought that this was a summer camp and she decided to go. She was thirteen years old when she moved to Shepherd's Camp. Nine other females also moved to Shepherd's Camp at the same time in July 2000. These girls ranged in age from 12-24."
4. Barnard told the parents of one of the girls who came forward to authorities years later that he might have sex with her, but that didn't seem to bother them (she was 14 at the time):
"In 2001, Barnard had a meeting with her and her parents and Barnard told her parents he might have sex with B. At that time he was already having sex with B but he did not say that. B then believed her parents knew and were okay with Barnard's behavior."
3. Ironically, it was a sex scandal of a far more traditional sort that initially tore River Road Fellowship apart:
"There had been a division in the group that caused many to separate because Barnard had admitted to having sexual relations with multiple married women in the group. Barnard came to Brazil to visit near the very end of B's trip [B was traveling with another Maiden who was from Brazil and had to head home because her visa had expired]. She then left Brazil and moved to Washington to be with the other remaining Maidens. When B arrived in Washington, she did not like it. She was upset by Barnard's confession to his affairs with married women and she wanted to be with her parents again. Before Barnard returned from Brazil, B moved to Pennsylvania to be with her parents. This was in 2010."
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