Viral photo of Vikings player Josh Samuda's gruesome injury was mostly luck, photog says

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Samuda (pictured) suffered a horrific ankle injury during a non-contact drill.
On Tuesday, Pioneer Press photographer Ben Garvin was given an assignment that's usually pretty mundane -- shooting photos of a Vikings offseason workout.

"Really not much news but anytime the Vikings do anything it's covered," Garvin tells us.

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But as he was photographing players doing a drill where players would chase each other around a tight circle, Garvin heard offensive lineman Josh Samuda shriek.

"I thought it might be a twisted ankle, something minor," Garvin says. "Only later when I was looking through the photos on the back of my camera did I realize how horrible it actually was."

It turned out Garvin, mostly thanks to luck, had captured the very instant the extent of the injury became clear -- one of his photos showed Samuda's right ankle bent at close to a 90-degree angle.

"I hadn't remembered even shooting the photo that people have been talking about, just kept the shutter down through the entire sequence," Garvin says. "I happened to be at the right place -- or rather, aiming in the right direction -- at the right time."

"As soon as I saw the photo I had a sense it would be popular on the Internet -- people love to look at gross things," Garvin adds.

To see the sequence of photos Garvin is talking about, click to page two. Warning -- one of them is gruesome.

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Vincent Hopwood
Vincent Hopwood At first, I thought maybe the other player had somehow stepped on Samuda's ankle. Apparently, it was making a cut when his ankle just gave out, dislocating, tearing ligaments, and breaking his lower leg. >.

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