Alleged U of M meth cook's "friend" has a mugshot for the ages [PHOTO]

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John Peter McMahon, aka Matthew Krause's "friend."
:::: UPDATE (9:45 a.m.) :::: McMahon is back in Ramsey County Jail this morning. He was arrested around 6:15 p.m. yesterday on suspicion of violating a domestic abuse no contact order. His latest mugshot and information about the circumstances of his arrest are at the bottom of this post.

Former University of Minnesota researcher Matthew Krause was busted in the act of cooking meth last Friday in St. Paul's Minikahda Storage facility after his "friend" tipped off police. The friend said Krause was selling tools he'd stolen from him and toting a shotgun. (Read the full backstory here.)

But the criminal complaint suggests there's more to the story than that black-and-white narrative. It notes the friend "was evasive and vague when responding to questions," and indicates he was actually arrested along with Krause -- "JM [the friend] was advised of his constitutional rights and agreed to speak to police," the complaint says.

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In recent days, two sources with knowledge of the situation have told us the "friend" is actually 46-year-old St. Paul resident John Peter McMahon, known to those close to him as Macker.

A Ramsey County official confirms McMahon was indeed arrested in connection with last Friday's incident, but released without being charged. Reached for comment yesterday, St. Paul Police Department Paul Paulos said that thanks to Police Week, officers with knowledge of why McMahon was arrested weren't immediately available to shed more light on the situation. He promised he'd get in touch when he could provide more information, but we haven't heard back yet.

A relative of McMahon's -- they asked their name not be used for reasons that will become clear by the end of this post -- said McMahon "threw Krause under the bus" in part because he was upset Krause was siding with his wife in the wake of a violent domestic dispute on May 1.

Matthew Krause, before (left) and after (right).

According to a criminal complaint, just after 8 a.m. that morning, a man called police and said he could hear a woman yelling she'd been "kidnapped" from inside an apartment on the 2000 block of Marshall Avenue in St. Paul. When he approached the apartment to investigate, he could hear a man yelling he was going to "kill" the woman. He knocked on the door and the woman tried to flee the apartment, but the suspect, later identified as McMahon, grabbed her and prevented her from leaving by slamming the door shut. McMahon had a razor blade and a bottle of Jaegermeister in his hand, the 911 caller said.

Another 911 caller said her mother's husband (aka McMahon) was threatening to slit her mother's throat, adding that her mom had sent her text messages saying, "Help."

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