Did St. Paul police use shady tactics to arrest alleged child sex solicitor Robert Hagen?

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Robert Hagen's mugshot
Over the past week or so, the St. Paul Police Department has engaged in an online sting operation against alleged Craigslist casual encounters child sex solicitors.

One of them was Minneapolis middle school teacher Joel Fowler. (Read his sordid story here.) Another was 43-year-old Robert Hagen.

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But Hagen, unlike Fowler, didn't specifically post that he was looking for sex with teens. In fact, he didn't specify what age he was looking for at all.

Here's the personal ad that landed Hagen behind bars and facing a felony:

Click here for the original Craigslist link.

Depraved? Hey, it's a free country. But illegal? Clearly not. Hagan, however, got himself in trouble thanks to how he handled a reply from an undercover cop who claimed to be a 15-year-old girl.

Here, according to a criminal complaint, is how that went:
[St. Paul PD Sergeant Jeff] Keller responded to the ad posing as a 15-year-old girl. Keller told the poster that he was a 15-year-old female. Keller sent the poster a photograph of a female police officer's bare feet. The posted replied, "I don't know about you being 15, though." Keller replied, "Why? Too young 4 you?" The poster replied, "No. Could mean trouble for me. Whereabouts are you in St Paul?" The poster asked about Keller's availability and requested a face picture. Keller sent an age regress picture of a female police officer. The poster suggested that the two of them meet the next day. He stated that he was across the river near downtown St. Paul.
Though Hagen said he didn't even have enough money to buy condoms, the "girl" agreed to meet him the next day at Cherokee Park anyway, the complaint says. (Hagen did say he's STD-free, at least.) He promised to bring lube and gave the "girl" his real first name.

Hagen was arrested when he showed up, three hours late. He confessed he was there to meet a girl and had a jar of petroleum jelly in his pocket. After being hauled to jail, he refused to speak to authorities without an attorney present.

For posting his perverted Craigslist ad and then agreeing to meet for sex with a minor who wasn't who she said she was, Hagen now faces up to three years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

To read the criminal complaint for yourself, click to page two.

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TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

Explain how this is different from Former Democrat State Rep Kerry Gauthier soliciting and having sex with a minor.  He was not charged with a crime.

MNjoe topcommenter

I wonder if that's KennyX. He's been silent lately. I would not be surprised.


Yes, shame on the St. Paul police for catching a pedo.  This poor guy!  He thought he was going to have consensual sex with a child but was tricked by the damn cops! shoot!  I hope other child predators will be more careful and not fall for the shady cop bait (aka "fake ass teens") on the web.  Not cool St. Paul police, not cool.

Shaun Fleming
Shaun Fleming

Didn't even read the article= totally acceptable

swmnguy topcommenter

Seems like most of the people who get arrested for this sort of thing are caught in sting operations, and no actual crime is committed.  If there are so many people lusting after children and doing kiddie porn, why don't we catch the people actually doing it, instead of gullible perverts falling for police stings?


I call BS on your allegation,,,,He responded to  the comeon.  :"she"
 admitted being 15.  He arrived fully prepared for sex.  Case closed.  His post was not the cause as you assert - If it had remained basic explicit posts, he would be just another wanker...

Jessica Lyn
Jessica Lyn

My only issue with this is the fact that they are already releasing how they busted him. Could have caught a few more sickos at least, if they withheld the site.

Jeff Skinner
Jeff Skinner

The police lured him into the situation, but he's a dumb-ass for biting on it. What are the odds that a 15 year old girl would respond to a Craigslist ad for anal sex? Answer; Zero. It will always be someone like Chris Hansen. No harm done. Give him 30 days in the slammer for being a gullible moron.

Amanda Lindau
Amanda Lindau

If you are in need of a proof reader, I am sometimes adequately average and more fun to work with than spell - check.

Marcos Maiero
Marcos Maiero

This guy looks like he listens to a lot of Blink 182.

Jon Horgan
Jon Horgan

Lookout for those online sing operations! Could hurt your vocal chords

MNjoe topcommenter

@TheConservativeJerk It was consensual, the police found out about it after the fact and the minor was 16 or 17 which apparently is not a crime. I'm sure that's why the cops in the sting referenced here posted the girl's age as 15. 

henk.tobias0 topcommenter

The true sickos don't bother with craigslist ads, they look around and see who in thier life is vulnerable. Do a little research, most children are molested by close relatives or family friends. The true sickos aren't gullible enough to fall for this kind of crap. All the cops are doing here is going after low hanging fruit. They create an incident were one didn't exist. Its easy and its lazy. While they're playing their little games how many kids do you think were molested in their homes?

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