KSTP gets a shoutout during hilarious Colbert Report jerky blaster segment [VIDEO]

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"I use mine everywhere... even during the colonoscopy I needed from eating so much jerky."
Last night, Stephen Colbert was about to end the abortion debate once and for all by revealing where life truly begins... but then he was interrupted by more important breaking news about Cabela's jerky blaster recall.

For more on that story, Colbert then cut to a news clip from KSTP, which he described as "St. Paul's news leader."

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Here's the full clip, which, as you'd expect, is hilarious:

The KSTP producer who produced the clip used by Colbert was honored: Meanwhile, it appears jerky blasters aren't as popular with Minnesotans as they are with Colbert. A customer service employee at the Rogers Cabela's tells us that out of the roughly 600 Cabela's-exclusive machines that were recalled due to fire concerns stemming from the jerky blaster's battery pack, she hasn't seen a single one come through her store. (A manager at the Owatonna Cabela's ducked our tough line of questioning and instead directed us to Cabela's corporate office in Nebraska.)

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