"Mandatory Vagina Inspection" letter was a prank, Prior Lake School District says

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Earlier this week, an unusual letter was placed in at least 50 Prior Lake mailboxes.

Printed on imitation school district letterhead, it's addressed to all female students at Prior Lake High School. Written by Barry McCockiner, it warns them the district "is required to conduct a mandatory vagina inspection on all female students at Prior Lake High School in accordance with Minnesota Health Code 69."

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The inspections are scheduled for later this month, the purported Director of Vaginal Corrections says.

"Students MUST complete a vagina inspection before the end of the year," it continues. "The Traditional Midwestern 'Pass/Fail' judging system will be used. SENIORS who do not pass an inspection before the end of the year WILL NOT GRADUATE."

As you'd imagine, the letter spread on Twitter like wildfire. And as you'd also imagine, it was a prank -- for better or worse, there are no mandatory vagina inspections.

Here's the whole thing: Reached for comment this morning, Kristi Mussman, communications coordinator for the Prior Lake School District, says, "It's obviously a hoax letter."

"We have no idea who did it at this point but we do have some leads," Mussman tells us. "We don't know if it was a senior prank at this point."

Police aren't involved in the district's investigation.

"As far as we're concerned, nothing illegal has been done," Mussman says. "We don't have any evidence that the letter was written or disseminated during school hours or on school property."

While you'd think most discerning adults wouldn't need help figuring out the letter is a hoax, some parents didn't get it.

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