Mark Dayton previews reelection case on BuzzFeed

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Upon first blush, you might think the listicle Gov. Mark Dayton wrote for BuzzFeed Community ("26 More Reasons To Love Minnesota") is nothing more than a fun little piece meant to promote our in-love-with-lists state.

But look closer and you'll see the outlines of the governor's reelection case amid much silliness about the Mall of America, white Christmases, Bob Dylan, and so forth.

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With the state economy doing relatively well and the DFL accomplishing many of its goals since it took control of both branches of the Legislature following the 2012 elections, Dayton has the luxury of trumpeting his achievements instead of playing defense. Here are accomplishments he mentions specifically in his "26 Reasons" piece:

-- Dayton and the DFL got marriage equality done --

All screengrabs via BuzzFeed

-- Minnesota is ranked in the top 10 states for smarts in part because the governor helped keep tuition costs down --


-- Dayton and the DFL presided over a time when Minnesota's economy has been on the upswing --


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