Matthew Damman allegedly drunk-drove minivan into Lowertown Bulldog, injuring six [PHOTOS]

Matthew Michael Damman's mugshot
:::: UPDATE :::: Matthew Damman wasn't drunk when he drove minivan into Lowertown Bulldog, charges say

Matthew Damman allegedly led police on a brief drunken chase through downtown St. Paul before crashing his 2001 Chrysler Town and Country minivan into the Lowertown Bulldog, injuring six.

State Patrol spokesman Eric Roeske says someone reported a possible intoxicated driver heading northbound on Highway 61 south of Interstate 94 just before midnight last night. Officers caught up with the alleged drunk driver, later identified as Damman, as he exited Interstate 94 at Sixth Street.

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The trooper attempted to stop Damman, but he took off. A couple blocks later, he smashed into the Bulldog.

None of the resulting injuries were life-threatening, Roeske says.

Damman, a 31-year-old St. Paul resident, was taken to the hospital himself. He was treated and transferred to Ramsey County Jail. Roeske says he's being held on suspicion of felony fleeing an officer, felony criminal vehicular operation, and gross misdemeanor second-degree DWI.

A Ramsey County courts spokesperson tells us Damman hasn't yet been charged as of 10:45 a.m.

Roeske says authorities won't have information about Damman's blood alcohol level until the results of a blood draw come back.

Reached for comment this morning, a Bulldog employee said the bar and restaurant is open for lunch today, but confirmed the building suffered damage.

The employee had a hard time hearing our follow-up question about the extent of the damage over the din of the late Friday-morning lunch crowd.

"Swing by!" he said.

To see dramatic images of the crash and its aftermath, click to page two.

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k2yeb topcommenter

City Pages allegedly has integrity. 

Keith Morris
Keith Morris

St Paul (& Mpls) both allow, even encourage, deadly driving speeds in their downtowns. Throw in the guaranteed occasional reckless sometimes drunk driver and voila: these kind of incidents occur like clockwork. More important for suburban commuters to save a few seconds on their commute in/out of downtown than have to drive at safe speeds to avoid injuring and killing people. And these make up a couple of the densest populated areas in the state, but lets have cars run loose among tons of people and pretend this kind of incident is an "accident" when most downtown streets are designed for sociopathic behavior.

Jeff Schwartz
Jeff Schwartz

Zero surprise whatsoever that it was a minivan.

Jedd Peters
Jedd Peters

Allegedly? Was there any question as to who was driving. I think not

Patrick Solomon
Patrick Solomon

Are we supposed to know who he is? Seems odd to name him in the headline if that doesn't really add any information.

Jedd Peters
Jedd Peters

Asshole the bulldog doesn't have a drive through

Andrew J. Biscay
Andrew J. Biscay

Too bad. Those 01 Town & Countrys are a hell of a machine.

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