Middle school teacher Joel Fowler apparently posted nude pics of himself on Craigslist

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"He was down there visiting his niece," our source says. "She's a high school senior. She didn't graduate in May, but I'm worried he might have been referring to her. She's gorgeous." (She also told us Fowler was adopted.)

Our source says she and Fowler haven't been on speaking terms for some time. She says Fowler graduated last year with a master's degree in education from the University of Minnesota following a stint in military school, where he was sent at the age of 15 because of behavioral issues at home. (He went to Stillwater High School previously.)

"He has a superiority complex where the world doesn't just revolve around him, he is the world, and it's a level of cockiness that I can't deal with," she says. "He's just better than everybody."

A Ramsey County Jail official tells us Fowler is still in custody as of this morning. His bail is set at $10,000 unconditionally, or $1,000 if he can specify an address where he'll be staying until his next court hearing on June 12.

But our source says none of Fowler's family members are willing to take him in or support him financially, and Fowler probably doesn't have the means to put up the money for his release on his own.

"Nobody is bailing him out and he has no money," she says. "The car [he drove to Cherokee Park in St. Paul, where he was arrested] wasn't in his name, and the house that he and his fiance bought is in her name. He has nothing."

Our source says Fowler's family became somewhat suspicious when Olson Middle School administrators didn't renew his teaching contract for next year, but they never imagined anything like this.

"He did the one year at the Minneapolis school, but they didn't renew his contract for next year already," she says. "Before this even came up [the family was] trying to figure out what happened at the school. His in-laws talked to some people and he had a job next year at [a school in] Wayzata, but I'm sure he doesn't anymore."

Asked why she contacted us to begin with, our source says, "It might seem like the meanest thing in the world, but he's never had to answer for his behavior. He's always the victim."

"I just want him to know he messed up big," she continues. "He went for a kid."

To see the posts Fowler appears to have posted on Craigslist for yourself, click to page three.

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