Minneapolis wins the Super Bowl (sort of): Top tweets

It's official!
You could feel the tension through your computer monitor as the NFL owners convened in Atlanta today to decide which city gets Super Bowl 52.

The smart money coming into today was that New Orleans was the front runner. After all, the city was 10 for 10 in Super Bowl bids, and 2018 represents the 300th anniversary of N'awlins's founding. But in a refreshing change of pace, a Minnesota sports entity actually pulled off an upset, and in the second round of voting, Minneapolis was awarded the big game.

As you'd imagine, Twitter was blowing up before, during, and after each of the three cities in the mix made its pitch (Indianapolis was the third) and the owners voted. So in tried-and-true fashion, below are the 20 most entertaining tweets we saw.

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20. This argument apparently didn't hold water with the NFL owners 19. Where would you rather take a trip to in February -- Minneapolis or New Orleans? 18. 17. 16. Naturally (For more, click to page two.)

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