Two students walking from bar stabbed near busy Northeast intersection

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The stabbing happened near this intersection.
:::: UPDATE :::: U of M student recounts violent Hennepin/University robbery from hospital

Just after midnight this morning, two 21-year-old women were walking when they were robbed and stabbed near the intersection of Hennepin and University Avenues in Northeast.

The suspect, who one eyewitness describes to us as a "rather heavyset, kinda fat African American," fled the scene and is still on the loose. The two victims were sent to the hospital, where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries, Minneapolis Police Department spokesman Scott Seroka tells us.

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The eyewitness says he was leaving work when he heard he screams. He "ran toward them, turned the corner around Bruegger's" and saw "a large African American man holding a Caucasian woman in a headlock."

"I thought, I'm not trained to deal with this situation, so I ducked back around the corner, called 911, and directed the paramedics and police there," the witness says.

After the suspect fled, the witness approached the victims. A broken knife blade was on the ground, along with strewn cell phones, the witness says.

"The smaller woman was clutching her arm and there was a lot of blood coming out of it," he adds. "Her friend gave her a shirt [to help stop the bleeding] and it appeared she had some sort of blood smear on her back, but she had actually been stabbed in the back."

The witness says the victim with the more severe arm injury was "conscious, breathing heavily, [and] very alert" after the stabbing.

Asked what he said to the victims while they waited for authorities, the witness says, "We mostly sat in sort of panicked, shocked silenced."

"The first victim with the arm wound, she was sitting up, breathing heavily, trying to apply pressure with clothes to her arm," he says. "Her friend was laying down on the ground, she was conscious as well I believe."

The witness says his recollections are fragmented.

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