Andy Parrish apologizes for slapping MNGOP activist after allegedly calling him "cream puff"

"I ran into [Parrish] in the hall the next morning and we had a bizarre conversation where he told me I was all right and asked if I'd take a selfie with him and post it online," Kolb says. "I declined, and he said, 'Okay, I get that.' He walked off and I haven't seen him since."

Kolb blogs about Republican politics, and he acknowledges specifically criticizing Parrish, who used to work as Michele Bachmann's chief of staff, a couple of times in the months leading up to the convention.

"I did write a blog post where I mentioned him by name and called out what I felt was his unseemly salary for a campaign manager running a campaign where they didn't have much money," Kolb says. "I also said that I understand why Andy Parrish is trying to turn [Ortman] into Michele Bachmann because that's what he knows how to do. It's fair to say I've been critical of Parrish and his campaign style generally."

Still, Kolb characterizes the cursing-out and slapping as "definitely one of the stranger experiences I've had at a convention."

"It almost seemed as if he was looking for someone to take it out on," Kolb says. "But he's kind of a weirdo."

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