Bishop in charge of Twin Cities abuse investigations: I didn't know child sex was crime [VIDEO]

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Robert Carlson
Before he became archbishop in St. Louis, Robert Carlson was an auxiliary bishop in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis during the 1980s.

One of his jobs in that role was to handle sex abuse allegations made against Twin Cities priests. So it strains credulity to hear him say during a recent deposition that he didn't know having sex with children was a crime back then.

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Here's video of what Carlson said under questioning by Twin Cities attorney Jeff Anderson down in St. Louis during last month's deposition, followed by a transcript:

Anderson: "Archbishop, you knew it was a crime for an adult to engage in sex with a kid."

Carlson: "I'm not sure I knew whether it was a crime or not. I understand today it's a crime."

Anderson: "When did you first discern it was a crime for an adult to engage in sex with a kid?"

Carlson: "I don't remember."

Anderson: "When did you first discern that it was a crime for a priest to engage in sex with a kid who he had under his control?"

Carlson: "I don't remember that either."

Anderson: "Do you have any doubt in your mind that you knew that in the '70s?"

Carlson: "I don't remember if I did or didn't."

Anderson: "In 1984, you are a bishop, an auxiliary bishop in the archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. You knew it was a crime then, right?"

Carlson: "I'm not sure if I did or didn't."
While Carlson's comments are implausible when taken at face value, they're even harder to believe when compared to this 1984 letter written to then-archbishop John Roach in which Carlson discusses a specific sexual abuse allegation against a priest and the statute of limitations (it was recently released publicly by Anderson):


Reached for comment today, Anderson describes Carlson's duties while he was in the Twin Cities as consisting of "investigating and taking [sex abuse allegation] reports, and then basically keeping those reports quiet, appeasing the victims, suppressing the information, removing or transferring the priests and protecting them, to the peril of many obviously."

Anderson says he's conducted 15 depositions with Carlson over the years, during which he's said "I don't remember" in response to nearly 200 questions.

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also, One of his jobs in that role was to handle sex abuse allegations made against Twin Cities priests.

if there is a person appointed to monitor these instances tells me that this happened and happens way too much.. 

Margie Kampf
Margie Kampf

Really!!!! You did not know it was a crime. God never told it was wrong to have sex with kids!!! So many lives destroy. Sad!!!

Matt Schieffer
Matt Schieffer

Murderer pedophiles and regular pedophiles in the church. And that's just in the twin cities. Imagine what it's like worldwide or at the top of the chain. I wonder why we just had the first pope resign in 400 years?!!

Kenny Thiem
Kenny Thiem

It's like when Chris Christie led a task force on the bridge scandal and cleared himself. What kinda idiot in any time point thought adults fucking young kids was ok.

Nolan Murphy
Nolan Murphy

Honestly this is beyond gross. I wish I believed in hell cause jail isn't bad enough for this guy.

Patrick Solomon
Patrick Solomon

Do you want these people guiding your children spiritually? More importantly, do you want these people in charge of your kids' safety for seven hours out of the day? I hope Catholic parents are paying attention. From your collection plate straight to their lawyers...

Philip Tiberius Hunter
Philip Tiberius Hunter

if you are in leadership and don't know anything about your org - then get out of the way and bring in new leadership


Blatant lies.  He's trying to skate through with the least amount of penalty.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Keep in mind these evil old virgins spent millions of dollars trying to tell gay people who they love is wrong.   These creepy old monsters protected pedophiles.   Maybe we should put Robert Carlson and John Neinstedt's heads on a fucking pike to help remind these scumbags how wrong it is for adults to have sex with kids.

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