Comment of the Day: A little help, governor?

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They say government is there to help people, but this is going a bit far.

In response to yesterday's post about the surprising amount medical marijuana might cost patients out of pocket, some readers pointed out that folks might be better off just buying pot off the street. But Jason Port, remembering the infamous comment Mark Dayton recently made to medical marijuana moms about how easy it is to find marijuana just about anywhere in Minnesota, wishes the governor would be a little more forthcoming with his information.

Here's what he said:


Luckily for you, Jason, we're here to help. Ever heard of or the site's Minneapolis section? Happy browsing!

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Bryce Otter Larson
Bryce Otter Larson

Cinco De Pablo I'm with you. I vote largely dem, but I'll be third partying this election. Dayton is a travesty.

Yankee Doodle Pablo
Yankee Doodle Pablo

Yup. All Democrats should vote for a Libertarian next time around :o)

Daren L. MN
Daren L. MN

Get ready for states and the Fed to Monsanto THC. Imminent.

TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

Careful, Gov Dayton is beholden to the cops on this issue.  He will probably send you to a sting. Of course, his default response will be, “I was unaware" it was a sting.   

He always is...

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