Comment of the Day: Best parks?

Sure, Minneapolis's parks are great -- unless you're getting arrested in one for no good reason.
Today marks the debut of a new daily feature here on

Every day, readers leave hundreds of comments on our news blog -- some good, some bad, some downright ugly. Starting today we'll bring you the best tidbits of reader wit and/or analysis we see at the top of the morning.

Our inaugural Comment of the Day comes courtesy of longtime regular reader ChazDanger, who offered up this pitch-perfect quip in response to our post about Minneapolis having the best parks in America -- a post published on the same day as another Blotter story about Libertarian Party candidate for governor Chris Holbrook getting arrested for no good reason in a park near Lake Calhoun:


Keep those comments coming and maybe you too will be recognized!

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Jaymz Anderson
Jaymz Anderson

the cop doesn't know how to do his job !!!! so why should we the tax payers allow them to have this guy return to work and make another tax payer costing mistake ????? that goes for all cops . get rid of police unions cuz that's a place where unions shouldn't be involved in period >>>> im for unions in the right places and this isn't one of them .

Brian Bieber
Brian Bieber

My god. Now you're INCENTIVIZING your readers' snide remarks??


I nominate every single comment made by kurt124 because everything he says is relevant to the story he comments on, he's totally not racist, and he's a shining example of why everyone's opinions are important in this day and age.


Just so everyone knows:

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barbertj23 topcommenter

Just so everyone knows:

There is very effective comment blocking ad-ons for most web browsers that you can enable and disable at your leisure (I turned it off momentarily to leave this for instance.) I use "shut up" for google chrome which I find to be the best at grabbing comments at the highest number of sites. It completely removes the comments section as if it never existed.

It will greatly improve your online experience, especially on news sites and blogs. 

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