Comment of the Day: Breaking down the Sagehorn lawsuit

Reid Sagehorn
Today's top comment comes from longtime regular swmnguy, who demonstrates with his response to our story about Reid Sagehorn's lawsuit that at least some of our "Top Commenters" have that status for a reason.

Swmnguy's comment echoes some of the things ACLU-MN Executive Director Chuck Samuelson said in an interview we did with him earlier this year, during which he expressed exasperation at the way law enforcement handled the Sagehorn tweeting scandal.

Without further ado, here's swmnguy's comment:


In light of witty analysis of that sort, we ask -- who says you should never read the comments?

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Mc'Real Dtj
Mc'Real Dtj

The internet was meant for porn and people to talk shit, just admit it.

Cat Lemke
Cat Lemke

Yes, everything on social media is out there - even pictures of your kids. So be careful Nicole!

Nicole Dormanen-Nielsen
Nicole Dormanen-Nielsen

Or maybe he should've just ignored the comment and said nothing. Kids need to learn that every thing that is posted or said on social media everyone can see and interpret how they want.


Adults that try to run schools need to learn that they, too, are subject to the first amendment. 

Expulsion or suspension longer than say three days from a public school should only be allowed with the sanction of a court of law.

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