Comment of the Day: Could you imagine dating this girl?


Our story about Kirill Bartashevitch, the St. Paul priest who was hit with two felony terroristic threats charges for allegedly pointing an AK-47 at his daughter during an argument about the girl's grades (the charges dropped this week), got one of our readers thinking.

Can you imagine how scary it'd be to be a teenager and date that poor girl?

From Cinco De Pablo:


Amen... or something.

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Katushka Barnacle
Katushka Barnacle

Angela Tena, yes. Naturally, her terror and pain aren't real until they're legitimized by the hypothetical presence of a male.

Angela Tena
Angela Tena

Of course we immediately sexualize this school aged girl.


Is it because she is "hard" now that she has gone through it with her dad? More like mentally disturbed. Fuck outta here citypages with your shitty 4 AM material.

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