Comment of the day: Paint Stillwater bro

Seeing this photo, originally posted to Facebook, is how Witt learned his mural had been covered up.
Ambiguity can sometimes be a virtue -- think about good abstract art, for instance.

In the context of the written word, it can also make for an intriguing blog post comment.

Here's what Matt Vangsgard had to say about the sad story of David Witt having his intricate mural at Stillwater's Freight House bar and restaurant painted over when he was just hours away from completing it:


There's at least three different ways of interpreting that! And Vangsgard gets bonus points for using "bro" during what has been the week of the (Uptown) bro here on City Pages blotter.

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While the technical ability of the painter is impressive, I don't consider this to be art. Where is the human interpretation of the image? Where is the originality? I know how this is created . Boring, absolutely boring. Technically brilliant, and totally boring.




John Otto
John Otto

Apparently the use of beer logos (since it was paid for by Pabst) didn't meet with the approval of the "Historic Preservation Committee".

Matthew Makens
Matthew Makens

The reason the St Croix river flows south is because Stillwater sucks

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