Comment of the Day: Low standards

McFadden wants to bring a hockey player's mentality about medicine to Washington.
Last week, we told you about how U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden doesn't provide his campaign staffers with health care, despite recently saying, "I know what it's like to provide healthcare for my employees."

McFadden may not provide health insurance to his campaign employees, but he has provided it to his kids. Literally. As we told you about Friday, a recent McFadden ad touts the fact he once took out his son's stitches himself because he was too cheap to spend $100 for a doctor do it.

That gives you the background for today's comment of the day:


In fairness to McFadden, some of the best political ads appeal to emotions instead of reason. But still, the idea probably wasn't to leave the viewer mostly feeling a vague sense of unease about the fact a co-CEO of an investment bank is too cheap to take his kid to the doctor.

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