Comment of the Day: Sharia by another name

Michelle MacDonald
Today's top comment comes courtesy of barbertj23, who take a tongue-in-cheek at some of the possible implications of controversial Republican Supreme Court candidate Michelle MacDonald's claim that "it is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible."

If you think that sounds a bit like the dreaded Sharia law that causes Republicans like Michele Bachmann to quake in fear, you're not alone.

Here's barbertj23's spin:


While you'd think MNGOP officials would be embarrassed by the MacDonald fiasco, that isn't universally the case. Michael Brodkorb reports that some members of the Republican Party of Minnesota's Judicial Elections Committee stand by their decision to recommend MacDonald's endorsement, with one going as far as to say MacDonald's legal issues demonstrate how people are abused by the courts and could help propel her to victory over incumbent Supreme Court Justice David Lillehaug in November.

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ron.fresquez topcommenter

Here is a shocker. This woman is a Regressive Party Nut Job.

Robert Eveland
Robert Eveland

Oh please. I read the "comment of the day" and yes, God wrote a commendment regarding gay people. "Thou shalt not commit adultery."

Stephen Noel
Stephen Noel

one obtuse mind would be hard pressed to go against the wisdom of George Washington. That quote came from our founding father. Let's hear some Washington bashing now.


yay! It's like winning at losing.


Are all gay people in lavender marriages? 

MNjoe topcommenter

Except for the fact that the quote is false. Read some actual history and get back to us.


If Washington was so smart, then why is he so dead?!

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