Comment of the Day: When bashing LRT cite a source, please!

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Central Corridor LRT on Twitter
The "$1 billion choo choo train"?
We grant that from a selfish standpoint, whether or not you're a fan of a particular tax will depend on your life situation.

If you're rich, you probably want to keep your money. If you're poor, you probably like the idea of government helping put food on the table. But if you're going to argue for one of those conclusions, best brings sources -- or at least so says Onan during a comment exchange in response to our post about state taxes in Minnesota paying for what some say are the best government services in the country.

Check out it:


Later on, Onan brought some quantitative info to the table (we'd recommend fact-checking, though -- we're talking about a comment section, after all):


Arguments of that sort always seem a bit stronger with numbers to support them, don't they?

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kurt124 topcommenter

Show me a study that sais this boondoggle will do anything it was supposed to do.   Face it, people want cars.   

Truth_Teller_1 topcommenter

There would not be as much of a controversy about LRT if it had been implemented properly.  'On grade' (street level) LRT that interferes (hugely disrupts) expedient auto transportation is a slap in the face to auto drivers.I can’t imagine ever wanting to go to a University Ave business again.

Most of us need flexibility with transportation (work and family demands).Thus with billions of dollars going towards an LRT project which only serves 1% of the population (that lives / works near the LRT), and heavily subsidizes their transportation needs.  The 99% of us who do have to have cars / maintenance / fuel / insurance ask why the LRT riders can’t pay for the operation / maintenance / long term replacement costs of their mode of transportation.  Additionally there will still be bus service along this line!!

Some will argue that roads are subsidized – but roads are for everyone to use – any time they want to access them.  Also, have commodities like food / clothing / any kind of goods / police / fire / emergency ever been delivered by LRT?  It's obvious the use for LRT is very limited.

It’s pretty obvious that the LRT is not going to relieve auto congestion, but rather an idea supported by the entitlement state, community activists, and the nut jobs who hate automobile transportation.

DavidFoureyes topcommenter

The only thing more foolish than responding to that nincompoop (or any of his 6 other incarnations on this, and most other local comments sections), is rewarding that response. 

Leave that pathetic shithead alone already. Let him be scared in peace.


Any adult human that uses the phrase "choo-choo" to refer to a passenger rail project (and if the comments here and elsewhere are any indication, a whole lot of grown-ass people do this)  should be ignored.  I mean, seriously?  Choo-choo?  Is the use of that term supposed to make LRT seem childish?  Because it is backfiring, hardcore.  Grow up.


@Truth_Teller_1  "Some will argue that roads are subsidized – but roads are for everyone to use – any time they want to access them."

And this differs from LRT in the sense that....

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