David Witt's cool Stillwater PBR mural painted over just before completion [PHOTOS]

"The HPC was very much in favor of a mural in this location but this mural, especially because it had been [pretty much] completed between the time the application had been submitted and the HPC meeting -- the [HPC's rationale] was that the mural contains an advertisement for a specific product which as outlined in the [city] manual is not appropriate, and it features historic western themes and vegetation that is uncharacteristic of eastern Minnesota," Wittman explained. "They concluded it's not suited for downtown."

The HPC's ruling left Freight House management with two options -- appeal the decision to the City Council, or cover up the mural. They opted for the latter, but did so without informing Witt, who mainly worked with Pabst representatives. (Witt says he still plans to complete a PBR painting for installation inside the establishment.)

"All of this is news to me," Witt tells us. "I was kept completely out of the loop about things that happened back in May. I think the PBR rep was as surprised as I was."

"I've never had to deal with city stuff before," he continues. "It's the Freight House's property, so they should've kept me in the loop for guidelines so it wouldn't be painted over. It's all-around bad communication, just finding out they painted over it via a Twitter photo from somebody else."

But Witt says he learned a valuable lesson, at least.

"Be in touch with everybody all the time."

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