Do Dayton, DFL deserve credit for MN's high rank in CNBC's Top States For Business?

Somewhere, Tim Pawlenty shakes his head...
The Dayton administration is crowing after Minnesota clocked in with a sixth-place finish in CNBC's Top States For Business 2014 list.

Matt Swenson, Dayton's press secretary, drew reporters' attention to the study yesterday, writing in an email, "Members of the Press - I wanted to make sure you saw this news release issued by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) this afternoon. CNBC just named Minnesota the 6th-best place to do business in the United States."

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That's certainly nothing to sneeze at, especially considering CNBC's impressively rigorous methodology and the fact that all the states above Minnesota are typically considered "red." And it won't help the Republicans who want to unseat Dayton make a case that Minnesotans are somehow worse off than we were before the governor took office.

In an explanation of its methodology, CNBC writes, "Our study is not an opinion survey -- we rely as much as possible on tangible numbers to gauge each state's performance."

More from CNBC about the methodology:
States receive points based on their rankings in each metric. Then we separate those metrics into 10 broad categories. We assign a point weighting to each category, based on how frequently the category is used as a selling point in state economic development marketing materials. For example, if more states tout their low business costs, the category for cost of doing business carries greater weight. That way, our study ranks the states based on the criteria they use to sell themselves.
Here's the top of CNBC's list, including the quantitative support for each state's ranking (click to enlarge):


We asked Press Secretary Swenson for additional comment about the study. He directed us to the following quote from Katie Clark Sieben of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

"The CNBC study adds to the growing evidence that Minnesota is a great place to do business," Clark Sieben says. "This study recognizes our strong business climate, which is driving job growth and corporate expansions statewide."

But before you give the state's DFL leaders all the credit, consider that Minnesota's ranking in the annual study has fluctuated over a time frame going back to the Pawlenty years.

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Peter Lemon
Peter Lemon

Scott Downie, that's an inappropriate internet response. Next time, please be more divisive, ill-informed, and predictable like Jake and Holly. Facebook discussions are no place for thoughtful analysis.

Scott Downie
Scott Downie

The people who deserve credit are the members of both parties who worked together back in the day to create a system that provides great services for the states residents efficiently. We have a hi tax rate, but we spend the money much better than most states so we have great parks, schools etc. compared to most states. Arne Carlson and his type of republicans forced democrats to spend wisely, in exchange for higher taxes. We need Democrats and Republicans who work together like that again so this can continue.

Corey James
Corey James

Things sucked under Bush/Pawlenty - but fat chance the rabid right wing will give Dem's any credit for fixing what they broke. If things go wrong they assign blame to the Dem's, and if things go well they retroactively take all of the credit. It's how they operate. Just look at how they acted when bin Laden was killed. Nothing but a bunch of narcissistic attention whores who refuse to accept accountability for anything bad. Even when they know full well it is entirely their fault (Government shutdown ring a bell?)

Jake Wood
Jake Wood

What? what're you talking about? *ding-ding* Sounds like your TEA is ready Holly, kool-aid = an actually GOOD summer drink everyone knows that. I'll never understand replicans obsession over tea (another old ppl thing imho)

Holly Fields
Holly Fields

Well, Jake Wood, we'll see where we rank next year, after Dayton has actually been around long enough to impact the ratings. Maybe we will improve and he can bask in that glory. Maybe we will slide and your "republitards" can point and laugh and remind him that he inherited a better ranking from Pawlenty. Either way, I am sure you will be at the keyboard, ready to spout whatever you feel the liberal kool-aid pourers want you to say.

Jake Wood
Jake Wood

being young and not smh'ing like whiney babies > being old and sad 24/7 imho

Jake Wood
Jake Wood

Fuck tim pawlenty let him SMH all he wants imho, Dayton is going to save our damn state and. we. all. know. it... republitards ONLY go around whining and complaining about "the good old" days like old people, DEMOCRATS are the ones actually makeing things BETTER...

digitalprotocol topcommenter

who gets the credit for the disappearing middle class?

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