Does Stewart Mills look like Brad Pitt?

Photo hint: Pitt isn't the one wearing the Packers jersey.
We've already outed Eighth District Republican U.S. Congress candidate Stewart Mills as a Packer-loving party animal. But would you believe he's also a huge heartthrob?

Politico does. Katie Glueck's article about Mills for that publication is entitled, "'The Brad Pitt of the Republican Party.'"

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In the article, Becky Hall, a Republican candidate for the state legislature from the Eighth, says, "[Mills] came to an open house, and ... after we got home, the first thing my teenage girls said to me was, 'He looks like Brad Pitt!'"

On the topic of whether he needs cut his hair, Hall added, "No he doesn't, because I'm hearing from people that he looks like Brad Pitt!"

Alright then!

(The story we broke about Beer Bong-Gate gets a shoutout from Glueck, who writes Mills "had pictures of his chugging beer plastered in an alternative newspaper last year.")

But what about his actual, you know, political views? Those receive less attention in the article than Mills's hair and fit physique, though Glueck does note that Republican officials "recruited [Mills] after he generated local buzz with a YouTube video last year calling for armed guards at schools in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., shootings."

If you're curious, here's that video:

Other than that, Mills, who is running to take the seat currently occupied by Democrat Rick Nolan, seems to be your bread-and-butter Republican, though, as VP of Mills Fleet Farm, he can boast of the very successful business career he enjoyed before getting into politics.

We contacted Mills's campaign manager, Mike Lukach, to get the official response to Politico's flattering comparison.

(To read it, click to page two.)

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