Minnesota among most chill states, study says

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Take it from this Lowertown hipster -- Minnesota is pretty chill, man.
According to a new study put together by Movoto Real Estate, you're not going to find too many states in the lower 48 more chill than Minnesota, but one of them is our legendarily sexy neighbor to the northwest.

The study looks at census data pertaining to commute times, unemployment rates, hours worked, population density, percentage of income spent on housing, and percentage of population without health insurance to determine which states are the most stressed out, and on the other hand, which states are most conducive to a relatively worry-free lifestyle.

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Here's a handy dandy map summarizing Movoto's findings:


Here's a more detailed breakdown of the top 10 most stressed states, with a lower "Big Deal Score" meaning more stress:


And here's the same breakdown for the chill end of the spectrum:


In sum, Minnesota might not be the most chill state, but we do take the title for Most Chill State You'd Actually Want to Live In. *cue rimshot*

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