MNGOP Chair Keith Downey optimistic despite bleak polling, finances

The MNGOP hopes this election won't be a repeat of 2012, but finances and polls are reasons for skepticism.
It was just over two years ago that Politico, alluding to the Minnesota Republican Party's whopping $2 million in debt, wrote that "no state party may be in worse shape."

Times aren't quite as tough for the MNGOP these days, but the party is still trying to dig out of that gigantic hole in more ways than one.

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Yesterday, the DFL distributed a press release making light of the latest campaign finance numbers for each of Minnesota's two major parties. They look like this:


The huge debt and cash disparities had DFL Chairman Ken Martin crowing.

"Heading into the final months of this critical mid-term election, the state DFL Party has seven times more cash on hand than the Minnesota Republican Party," Martin said in the release. "Additionally, the state Republicans are burdened with a heavy debt load -- 59 times more debt than the Minnesota DFL. We are in an extremely strong position to help our candidates win elections up and down the ballot this fall."

Beyond financials, Martin thinks there's other reasons for Minnesota Republicans to be gloomy about this election cycle.

"From competitive primaries that will drain the Republican Party and its candidates of already depleted resources, a civil war which still exists between two competing factions and has prevented the party from truly unifying, and a message which seems to be all over the map -- the state Republican Party is clearly not ready for this fall's election," he said.

Around the same time the DFL distributed that release, Public Policy Polling released its latest Minnesota poll. It also contained good news for Democrats.

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ron.fresquez topcommenter

There is a reason why the Minnesota Regressive Party has been kicked to the curb like common roadside trash the last elections. With any luck they will shrink themselves to a point where they can be drowned in a bath tub. 

swmnguy topcommenter

The Republicans nationally have followed Nixon's Southern Strategy with Reagan's Embrace of the Evangelicals.  I don't know what to call their latest initiative, the leveraged buyout of the Tea Party.  The Conclave of the Crazies?   And still they aren't winning elections in Minnesota outside of gerrymandered districts, if they can't get their puppet Independence Party to siphon off all the moderates they kicked out of their party. Most people just don't want to be associated with people like Gretchen Hoffman, Julianne Ortmann, Michelle Bachmann, Andy Parrish, Kurt Zellers, Marty Seifert, Tom Emmer, Matt Dean, and the rest of that nasty pack of sociopaths.

green23 topcommenter

Why would there be any enthusiasm from the MN Republican base? Look at what the MNGOP did with the last midterm:

- drove the Party into bankruptcy with the recount 

- purged moderates and anyone that knows how to win elections, replacing them with "pure" ideologues and evangelicals

- increased the state budget, rather than the making the deep cuts that they had promised 

- had a coup within the Party where the evangelical faction took control, but put no money into anything 

- precipitated a shutdown 

And for the grand prize, which was supposed to make up for all of these failures, they put two Constitutional Amendments on the ballot and lost both of them.

On top of that, the MNGOP went way out on a limb with scary scenarios of what would happen if SSM was legalised. According to the latest PPP poll, 60% of MN voters say that legalising SSM has had "no impact at all". Where's the credibility? 

57% of MN voters disapprove of the elected Republicans in the Legislature. 57% of Independent voters disapprove, too. In 2010, Independents broke Republican 2 to 1. Now it's 31/36 in the MNGOP's favour. It's not a 2010 electorate. Women now break for the DFL 49/38, and men split 43/44. Again, not a 2010 electorate.

And, before you make broad assertions about the sample, you should know that the survey respondents voted 50/44 in Obama's favour in the 2012 election. Obama won MN 53/45. It's a slightly more conservative sample than in 2012, and certainly not wildly skewed toward Democrats.


LOL at "Growth and Opportunity Party!" Coming from a group of people that does everything in their power to restrict the rights and personal freedoms of anyone not in the 1%,  and wants desperately to go back to the America of the 1950's!

Good riddance! Shut up and get out of the way of those of us who choose progress over fear and anger.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

The Republicans in Minnesota are a party of stupid bigots united in their hate of all things DFL.   They have no ideas and no hope of ever being elected.   Look at the Republicans that comment on City Pages.   Every single one of them is bigot trash that are full of insults but short on facts.  


@MicheleBachmann That is some solid KennyX (or one of his other 25 screen names) bait, my friend! Kudos!

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