Officer Brian Woodfill back at work day after rough, wrongful arrest of Chris Holbrook

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"We do believe that we have enough signatures for Chris," Libertarian Party spokesperson Cara Schulz tells us. "However, we need to go back and count carefully so we make sure we have the proper amount. We have to have 2,000 but it's preferable to have 2,500 to handle any challenges." (The signature-filing deadline is tomorrow.)

Schulz says many Grand Old Day revelers eagerly agreed to sign the Libertarian Party's petition when they realized the party's gubernatorial candidate was the guy so rudely arrested near Lake Calhoun.

"We had a lot of supporters come out [Sunday] and help at Grand Old Day, and several of them specifically came out to see if they could help Chris," she says. "There were others who came up to me and asked specifically, 'Is this for Chris Holbrook? Can I sign for other [Libertarian Party] candidates too?' There were a lot of people wanting to get Chris and other candidates on the ballot specifically because of the situation that happened last Thursday."

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