Paul Bunyan ads resulted in people disliking MNsure, analysis says

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"We find that when people tell their stories about ways they are impacted by access to affordable, comprehensive health care coverage, there is a positive result," Campbell says. "That's what we saw in January when we made the decision to pivot toward ads about testimonials. We saw 60 percent of our total enrollment [in the months that followed]."

"Minnesotans respond when they see other people have positive experiences," he continues. "But it's hard to know why people feel the way they do, and we've worked to make improvements to the website so it provides Minnesotans the type of experiences they come to expect."

Along with publicly releasing the Persuadable Research analysis, MNsure officials also recently put out a request for proposals for another advertizing campaign to be held this fall.

"The previous ad campaign was focused primarily on brand awareness, where [the next one] is laser focused on increasing enrollment," Bowring-McDonough says. "One very significant finding [from Paul and Babe] was that branding awareness alone is not sufficient to meeting enrollment goals. That's key to what we learned from the report."

To read the report for yourself, click to page three.

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