Ramone Smaller faces 10 felonies from shootouts connected to St. Paul gang feud

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Ramone Smaller's mugshot
:::: UPDATE :::: Cop Ruby Diaz had relationship with gangster, allegedly funneled him money in prison

Around 3:22 a.m. last October 24, a St. Paul home on the 800 block of Carroll Avenue lived in by two sisters, one 72 and the other 69, was sprayed by at least 18 bullets. The sisters said they had no idea why they were targeted, though neighbors later told them it was because the shooters wanted to kill one of the women's grandsons who wasn't living there but visited occasionally.

Then, just after midnight on October 29, a shootout involving two vehicles on West Lake Street in Minneapolis was reported, authorities say in court documents filed today. A witness said one was a Chevy Tahoe. That vehicle was later spotted driving down Interstate 94 and was pulled over near Huron Boulevard. A .40 caliber handgun was found inside the Tahoe, and the grandson who was reportedly the target of the Carroll Avenue shooting was one of its passengers.

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In connection with that shootout, two .40 caliber shell casings were found near a SuperAmerica on West Lake Street. Surveillance footage indicated the other car involved was a dark Kia Optima.

About two hours after the West Lake Street shootout, a home on the 600 block of Stryker Avenue in St. Paul was sprayed by at least 14 bullets. Later that same day, a man named Ramone Smaller had a rear window in his Kia Optima replaced at Harmon Glass in Roseville. He told a technician the "window was shot out," court documents say.

Late the next day, October 30, a witness reported seeing two cars firing at each other near Hall and Baker Avenues in St. Paul, just two blocks away from the Stryker Avenue home that was shot up the day before. A witness described one of the vehicles involved as a dark blue Kia Optima. Forty shell casings were found at the scene.

On Halloween, Smaller was arrested driving a Kia Optima. A bullet hole was spotted near the rear deck of the car. A subsequent search of his residence at 2838 Fremont Avenue South in Minneapolis (that's the address of the swanky Flux Apartments in Uptown) turned up a Glock 23 and an extended magazine for holding 30 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition. A .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun was found in the Optima stashed in a hiding place under the driver's seat.

Casings found at all of the above shooting scenes were later determined to have been fired from a Glock 23. In addition, Smaller's DNA was found on the gun, prosecutors say.

Prosecutors claim Smaller is affiliated with the Gotta Havit gang.

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